Greetings! I’m Justin Whaley, a writer-editor, style freak, and Italian speaker. Here, you’ll find much of my past writing and editing experience sorted by publication.10959354_10155228802450083_2751088231057540372_n

I grew up  in a small southeast Missouri town and spent my time reading, writing, playing tons of classical piano, learning languages, and running instead of sporting camouflage in the woods (which I did once, became bored, and fell asleep). I’m a voracious learner, a lover of written word, and I don’t require much sleep, as any of my colleagues will tell you about my diligent work under high pressure and tight deadlines. I also dig a good happy hour and still love to play the keys.

I’m all about the written word, and I’m always looking for opportunities to sink my teeth (and pen/notepad) into a lead on a solid story, whether that’s men’s fashion, food, music of all kinds, or any hard-hitting narratives. I’m currently based in San Francisco, the land of too-good burritos and fashionable top-knots.

Say hello at:

[email] jaymwhaley@gmail.com

[mobile] +1.415.746.0758


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